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We bring ideas to life through the creation of photorealistic 3D renderings,3d scan, animation, interactive presentations, VR applications, & video production services.


上海日和数字娱乐有限公司简称 Zihol 主要从事视觉效果、影视动画、虚拟现实、广告的制作。

Zihol 的定位不是大公司也不是加工厂,而是一个稳定团结有实力的精英团队。

Zihol 的两位经验丰富的总监 Bluce 和 David 曾在Basefx、东方梦工厂、原力等知名公司效力多年,参与过众多高品质项目的制作,把国际制作经验和工作方式理念融入中国。

Zihol 只接受和制作高质量的项目,时刻准备着为您解决问题并向您保证最高国际质量标准。

  • Zihol is a 3D studio in Shanghai,working essentially for visual effects、animation movies、virtual reality、commercials.
  • Zihol is a elite team including two experienced supervisors : Bluce and David , to use to work in famous company.They participated in the production of many special effects in movies.
  • Zihol only accept and work on high quality projects, Always ready to solve problem for you and assure you the highest international quality standards for your productions.

Zihol Services


Zihol Animation is a diverse team of artists and directors. From the hand drawn to the photo-real, we bring ideas to life through the use of movement, storytelling and timing.


Zihol Visual Effects combine talent with technology, artistry with rigor, the familiar with the fantastic. Our work can be inspiring or invisible, but always unforgettable.                                                                                                                                                      


Zihol Interactive helps bring stories to the digital audience. Creating content that invites play, provokes a reaction, and makes you an integral part of the experience.


Zihol Design is an interdisciplinary group of creative and technical artists. We approach clients’ challenges through the aesthetic and process-oriented lens of design.


Zihol Gaming creates artfully crafted cinematics, in-game design and exceptional advertising that draws players in. We collaborate with world-class gaming companies to create next-level communication.


Zihol Immersive is pioneering the next wave of premium experiences in VR, AR and architectural installations. Through evolving technology and tools, we are exploring new ways to tell exceptional stories that surround you.


Zihol Colourists use the language of colour to craft arresting and beautiful images. We bring instinct and experience to a client’s vision to create exceptional work.


Zihol Lab is an interdisciplinary innovation space. We translate invention into action, channeling the energy of The Zihol into technological exploration and discovery.

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We are always on the lookout for talented people from across the world to join us.

positions available:

Senior look Dev Artist

We are currently seeking experienced Senior Look Development Artists to join our growing team.

Employment period: Immediate start, through to June 2018.Location: Shanghai. This position is open to local and international applicants. Visa and relocation assistance provided where applicable.

Visual Effects Producer

Zihol is currently searching for established VFX Producers to join our production leadership team. We have a range of short an long-term VFX Producing positions for upcoming films that will suit mid to senior VFX Producers, with extensive live-action feature film experience.

Employment period: Medium and long-term positions with an immediate start.Location: Shanghai.

VFX Supervisor

We are currently seeking a VFX Supervisor to join our supervisory team. Applicants who are established, or upcoming, are welcome to apply.

Employment period: This is a long-term position with an immediate start. Location:Shanghai.

Mid Layout Artist

We are currently looking for an experienced Mid Layout Artist to join our growing Layout team.

Employment period: October start, through to June 2018.Location: Shanghai.

Mid & Senior Animators

We are currently seeking talented Mid & Senior Animators to join our growing team for photo-realistic feature film work.

Employment periods: Immediate start, through to early 2018.Location: Shanghai.

Effects Technical Director (Houdini)

We are currently seeking an experienced Houdini Effects TD to join our growing team.

Employment periods: October start, through to March 2018.Location: Shanghai.

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